Reading for Pleasure - Why is it important?

Reading is important for children and it should be introduced as a pleasurable activity to encourage the habit of reading. It should not only bee seen as a classroom activity but part of every day life. There are several benefits associated with reading; 
  • it increases sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness
  • it widens horizons
  • you can do it anywhere
  • it develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas 
  • it prevents boredom and promotes relaxation 
  • its escapism 

 To encourage reading behavior, story time is a good start. Allow the children to pick their favorite books, be animated when reading the books this encourages interaction and engagement and always have time for Q&A. PS. you don't need to have all the answers :-)  

Happy reading and be deliberate with the books you buy for your children. Unconsciously they pick a lot from the books they grow up reading. I know I did, and I had to unlearn half the stuff :-)  

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