Why Daily Routines are Important for Kids and the Family

Why Daily Routines are Important for Kids and the Family

During this lockdown period, we suddenly have more time then we have ever had. With no school pick-ups and drop-offs, no driving to extra-curricular activities, limited shopping trips, no playdates no birthday parties we are locked in. However life has not stopped, it goes on under a different structure. To give days a new normality it helps to establish a routine the family can follow. Routines are important and necessary as they give orderliness and they help get tasks accomplished. For children it helps manage expectations if they know what is required of them. For mums like me a routines work, in addition to getting tasks done, the household is calmer and we have even scheduled down times which everyone looks forward to.   

My 3 top reasons for having a routine

  1. It helps remember and prioritize and complete tasks

Whether it is a doctor’s appointment, reading time or completing an assignment a routine helps you stay on track. What works for me is working through the mornings and getting the more tedious tasks done like home schooling, writing or catching up on emails and later in the afternoon baking, playtime, story time.

  1. It establishes expectations

Instead of roaming about in the house with unnecessary trips to the fridge or arguing about watching TV, a routine sets out what is expected of everyone. Breakfast is set at a certain time and kids can help prepare or they make their own toast. Children become accustomed to knowing when bath time is and this reduces the arguing and the stress getting things done. As a parent you become the partner in the routine.

  1. You feel more organized and it reduces stress significantly

A routine should be predictable so that everyone knows what should be done and what’s next. This creates a sense of independence for the children as they can take responsibility for their own tasks. It also starts establishing constructive habits with regards to managing time and completing tasks. With less arguing and yelling you have a calmer household and there is room to breathe, relax and enjoy the downtime.

It’s essential to remember, flexibility is crucial. Creativity and spontaneity are important factors for both kids and adults. For example a video call to grandma or dancing to a favorite song on radio.  Also be sensitive and adaptable to each child’s needs. Routines can be adjusted along the way to ensure they are healthy and positive.

Tips for creating a Routine

  1. Involve the kids in creating the daily routine,
  2. Practice patience
  3. Make room for flexibility
  4. Add fun-time activities or down time elements to the routine.

I’d love to hear your comments and share with your friends and family.

Stay safe and Stay well.

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