About us

To embrace their African identity and ethnicity by giving them access to a great playmate, so that they grow up appreciating and celebrating their uniqueness and self worth. 
Akiki Dolls & Children's Books was born out of my need as a mother to empower my daughter. As a conscious black African mother, it is my duty to raise conscious African children to embrace and appreciate themselves.   
Akiki the character is an afro-centric 5 year old African girl who entertains and teaches children values and basic life skills. Akiki's stories journey to different African countries with always something to learn.    
Akiki is a channel for our children to embrace their diversity, appreciate their differences and develop a sense of self-worth.
I chose the name Akiki (the Swahili word for ruby-the precious stone), the stone is associated with nobility courage and confidence. These are the qualities that our children must develop."

Akiki Distributors Pty (Ltd)

Akiki Distributors is a Pty (Ltd) is based in Johannesburg and distributes worldwide.



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