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Akiki’s Journey

Akiki’s journey began when Fatuma’s daughter started asking questions about her appearance. Fatuma realized she needed to intentionally find play tools and books for her daughter to positively identify with and for her to realize she fits in. Like every parent, she wants to give her confidence, build up her character and instill good values. She created the Akiki character, an afro-centric African role
model to cover three areas: • Representation and diversity
•Storytelling – Education is better through stories which stimulate a love for reading and •Embracing the African heritage.

The Akiki Doll evolved into Akiki’s Stories bringing the character to life and making her accessible to both boys and girls. Narratives within the urban African setting that entertain children and teach children. The stories are mirrors to children growing up in the city, they are relatable and children can journey with Akiki to countries in Africa. The perspective of the stories is authentically African and inspired by her children’s play and laughter.

Akiki Today

Akiki is a labor of love and today Fatuma has selfpublished 4 children’s picture books with Akiki as the protagonist of the story. The first book Akiki’s Short Stories is a snap shot of Akiki’s Life and the other three books are Akiki’s Family Vacation in the Drakensberg, SA, Akiki’s Big Lunch at Malome’s Village in Botswana and Akiki’s Day in Nairobi. These books are a compliment to her family, the African
melting pot.

Akiki the Personality Behind Education

Education is better through stories. Reading and telling stories makes experiences real and meaningful to us. This is why stories are such a powerful tool in education because when used successfully it switches that part of the brain that stores and remembers information. Every parent
knows to get your children to learn, one of the most influential tools is children’s characters. If they say it, its law. In that same spirit Akiki is the tool to teach children the basic life skills, values and build up character. Akiki is partnering with institutions on educational material that that build up the next generation. “Its easier to build a child than repair an adult.”

Akiki – The Motivator, Being the Best You

Akiki the character is also a tool for motivating children and building a healthy self-esteem. Praising a child is not sufficient to build a self-esteem. Children need to be given the environment to develop their competence and to make their own choices. Akiki talks on the how.

Akiki Gives back to the Community

One of the highlights was Akiki joining the Put Foot Rally 2017 - Team REM, that journeyed across 5 Southern African Countries in 18 days. Not only was it an epic journey, Akiki was part of giving back through the Put Foot Foundation which gives under privileged children hope, pride and dignity buy supplying new school shoes. The amazing road trip also filled with love, friendship and happiness. Literacy Circles designed by Help a Child Grow
and Akiki Dolls is posing a solution to the education landscape by creating • an awareness
on the importance of story-time •creating an     environment where children can interact with
the story tellers, learn and encourage reading. The primary objective of the project is to create a habit and culture of reading to children for pleasure using relatable characters and content.
The target audience for the project are children between 4 – 8 years. In the under privileged
schools Literacy Circles provides the basic stationery i.e. crayons, paper, drawing books etc.. Fatuma’s vision is for Akiki to become an easily accessible, sought-after, globally recognized children’s character who teaches and entertains children through stories with an African essence and entrenched values of •Positive self-image and healthy self-esteem, •African pride •Storytelling and the bigger picture of contribution to education and improving
children’s Literacy.

For more information and products on Akiki visit the website www.akikidolls.com or
Facebook@akikidolls, Instagram#akikidolls or email info@akikidolls.com or phone: +27 82

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I just bought Akiki for my daughter. She loves her. She is beautiful and good quality. Will definitely refer my friends. Thank you for the great service.

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