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Who is Akiki

Akiki is an exciting, bubbly afro-centric girl. She comes up with lots of ideas on helping others and she loves travelling. She brings a refreshing African narrative to children. Akiki's values rests in these core areas • Representation and diversity •Storytelling – Education is better through stories which stimulate a love for reading and •Embracing the African heritage.  

When you know better, you do better - Maya Angelou

Akiki's Stories

Akiki comes to life in these stories. The narratives are set in an urban African setting and are purposed to entertain and teach children. The published stories were inspired by Fatuma's children playing and laughter. Akiki's stories are relatable and children learn as they journey with Akiki. Our stories create an opportunity for bonding and learning. 

Fatuma Abdullah on Akiki Dolls

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